Good bye... no.... see you soon?!?!

Just started my new adventure . Had a great last day with the family. Drove B to her camp in the morning, then cleaned everything in my room and the bathroom and moved the absolute last things to my new home. Picked up B again at 2.30pm. Got home and just relaxed for an hour. C came home from his 2 hour baseball camp and I took them both to Homers for some icecream. B was talking sooooo much about if they were going to get presents from me and FINALLY they did. Gave them each a frame with 4 pictures from the year I have been here with them. Wrote some nice words on the back. Both of them got really happy. Pjuuh. Told them that I'm gonna force them to remember me by this present. Went home and played around until dinner. Me and the whole family went to a Italian restaurant in Evanston. Had been there before. They have great food! Got some presents from them and I got my hostparents one too. A two pic frame with a picture of the kids and a couple of words. Will show what I got later. Got home and felt sick right the way. It was time to say good bye. Just to delite all numbers on the phone was hard even though I will get a new phone. When I walked up to the family I totally broke into tears. B and C feels like my siblings. Going to miss them sooooooo much!!! No words. And Coco... yeah no words. Walked to my new home with no phone so couldn't call anyone, alone in the new house and noone online on skype or facebook at that time. It's hard to describe the feeling of saying good bye after a year like this. 
Packed up some stuff at my new place and I have to say I feel like home already. Just saw a mouse running around in my room. haha. My new pet, and the guinea pig. Also just heard that I got a ticket to a comedy club on friday down town. Yeii! Going with Shane. Have wanted to go to a comedy club for a couple of weeks now and finally its on.  


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