Monday Måndag Månday

Had kind of a great day today. Went home directly after dropping off B at her camp. Skyped for a bit with dad and then fell a sleep untill 12pm. Soo necessary. Went right the way to the beach until 2pm. Picked up B from camp and went to the pool. Can the day haven been better?! It's crazy how few days I have left with B. Feels just strange. Don't know what to feel. Even though I'm freaking out on that kid every day I really like her. 
Some fun facts...By the pool in sweden we probably have three lifeguards working in the whole area at the same time.  But here in Wilmette they have 4 lifeguards sitting around the swimming pool, two by the diving pool, and I think probably three by the bigger kidspool. And all of these pools are all in a pretty small area.


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