Kicked out, yes, you heard me, unbelievable!

So here's what's been going on the latest one and a half to two weeks. I found out that my family will kick me out of the house three weeks before my actual last working day. It is possible "by the law" to stop working one month before the actual day and still complete my Au Pair year, but this was nothing I was prepared for. I have booked the festival Lollapalooza in the beginning of august and Sara is coming over too. The explanations my family had was that they just dont need an Au Pair for theese three weeks cuz they will be traveling and have A LOT of family and friends coming over to visit and that my hostdad will take care of the kids cuz he doesnt have a job for now. Well, yeah, just kick me out on the street, thanks! I'm so angry with them cuz they knew I booked Lollapalooza long before I got this in my face and they didn't discuss it with me before the decisions were made.
Got three options from them. Go home already july 16, do my travel plans or go into reematch. None of these is a option for me. 1: Go home in july when I'm already freaking out about going home in august. Big no no! And as I said I already have plans for august. 2: Travel for three weeks, before Lollapalooza and Sara. No money for it and noone to travel with so, NO. 3: Reematch. Seriously.... start over for three weeks with a new family, at a new place, maybe new state, new rules, get to know new friends etc. Huge NO.
So my first thought was couchsurfing. Kind of backpacking around to several houses during these weeks. I have to say that I have AMAZING people around me here. AMAZING!! My au pair friends familys have said that I can sleep at there places and I have american friends Im invited to too. Everything is gonna work out just great. As it looks like right now I'm gonna stay with an amazing family I have known through the whole year. They are gonna have a messy house cuz they are renovating a big part. But they still want me in. They really want to help me. The daughter thats 14 that I've only met a few times said she wants to share room with me. So thats how it's now gonna be. This is gonna be fun! I just hope they dont freak out on having me there because theres so much going on in the house. So I'm gonna be there for maybe about three weeks, then probably move on to some american friends that lives closer to Chicago city. I'm not sure how thats gonna be like yet but I'll figure that out later. Even though I hate what my hostparents did to me I hope and think (knock on wood) its gonna be a good and funnier "end" of this year.
Something I'm gonna need help with from all of you guys in Sweden is that when I come home you have to have things for me to do every second or I'm gonna freak out. To go from this adventure to back to Sweden is gonna be hard. Can already feel it. The best part is going to be to meet you all again, miss my friends and family so much, but the life is gonna slow down there too. Everyone is gonna have their jobs and school etc, me too. Can't see any excitement in that right now, if I'm not getting a job I'm passionated about. Sometimes it might sound like I have nothing to go back to in Sweden. I just wanna say that I HAVE EVERYTHING TO GO BACK TO. I have my life in Sweden, my friends and family, so to be away for a year was not that hard cuz I knew I will return. What makes me feel half empty is that I have a life here to now, so much friends, that I'll never return the same way to. I can come visit but I will probably never come back and live here again. I can always have hope, but... yeah. If I could, I wish that I had all of you (my friends and family) here and continue a life in Chicago.


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