Found this creepy thing trying to eat itself into my skin on my hip. A tick! The biggest one I have ever seen on a human.

Booooooooston #1

After a crazy night with David Guetta and a loooooong fligt, because of one stop, me and Siri finally made it to Boston. We checked in to the Hostel YMCA and headed off for the center. Walked through the whole city by the "Freedom trail" (a red line through the whole city that leads to 16 significant historic sites). Loved every part of the City. The shopping streets, the Quincy market, the coast, little italy, etc. It was very similar to sweden. So it was a perfect mix of Sweden and America. Ate my first oysters, raw oysters, by a fish market by the coast. Thought it was gonna taste bad, rellay bad but it was kind of ok. The Quincy market was something I have never seen before. A loong hall of food on both sides. Doesnt sound that special but it really was something. Hard to explain. At night the drum music started to attract alot of people. Us too. A guy was playing drum music with buckets and kitchen wares as pans etc (a very common thing you will see in the most places in america) while the rest of the group was preparing a performance for the public. They draged me and three other people in to the center where we had to press up close against eachother in a line. One of the guys was gonna run and jump over us. Luckily he tricked us the firsttime and stepped to the side right infront of us and passed us. The second time we had to bend down with strait legs and touch our feet with our hands. No joking this time, he jumped over us all. Haha and I got a towel over my but cuz I had a dress. Went home around 12ish with some picnic to our room. Then bed. our bodies became one with the beds that night. Barely any sleep friday to sathurday night and a full schedule all day, it was totally worth to go to bed that early.
Sunday morning we checked out the hostel and left the bag in their luggage room. We started the day with the baseball field. Everyone says that you really HAVE to see a red sox game when youre in Boston. The game was just about to start when we were there but we didnt go. We just wanted to see it and went off to see Harvard. By the afternoon/evening everything on the camera dissapered. Everything somehow just got erased. over 300 pictures and maybe 10 really fun videos. Spent alot of time trying to get a computer to download this program that can kind of scan throuh the chip to get the pictures back. But with no luck we went on for dinner and then back to the hotel. Meet two fun germans to hang out with until it was time to grab a cab to get to the airport again. And of course the bad luck continued. They didnt have us, our names or anything, on the fligt. took us probably one hour until the finally found us on the computer. Left Boston 6am. Only about one hour sleep tht night too. The trip was one of my best trips. I wanna go back! Even the Hostel was ok. Read reviews before that the rooms where perfect........ to become suicide in. But we think it was ok, it was a hostel, so didnt expect much. The restrooms was a little bit worse though. But nothing me and Siri cant handle:)

Don't need the iPhone Siri, I already have my Siri

Having my favorite salad (Thai chopped chicken) at Panera Bread. Didn't have any Internet at home today and didn't really wanna be home right now so panera was just perfect! Have had really good day. Went to Siri to look through the pictures from the weekend in Boston then Starbucks for our crazy obsession with caramel frappuccino and jewel osco (grocery store) brownies. We probably bought our first and last Venti size (largest). Picked up B from school and luckily she had a playdate and C skipped his lacrosse, so finally got some really good time with C that I usually never get. Played soccer. And guess what!! Yeeii I can walk, run and even play soccer in converse again. My toe is making progress.

David Guetta - nothing but a awesome night

Went for a pree party at Cillas hotel room down town with by girls and their friends visiting. Then off for the congress theatre for David! A hot crazy night! Tickets sold out! He totally rocked the night. No words can describe! Went back to the hotel for a shower and then me and Siri moved on for train and flight towards Boston. Sitting in new York right now waiting for the second and the last flight for Boston.

Starbucks in my heart

I'm right now at starbucks trying to get the mess out of my brain. It never stops. Found out a new thing today that is messing everything up for me. I'm gonna tell you later about that. I'm in one way exited for it but also annoyed. I dont even know if everything can work out. Well, nothing of this will make sence to you now but I'll update you later.
Have otherwise had a great day, it's super hot outside. Wonderful! Yesterday night I meet up with a friend (David) in North Park. He's sadly going home soon. Bought pringles chips. Havent eaten that in forever. Gosh it tasted good! Looking forward for tomorrow. David Guetta and then were off for BOSTON!

5/23/2012 that's how we write it in the US

 I just came home after a really nice breakfast/brunch and gossip by the pool with the girls at Cillas house. Bagels, american pannkakes, fruitsalad, egg, etc. Got to meet both Annas friend and Cillas two friends that arrived here yesterday to visit. Cant wait until my Sara comes over in the end of this summer!! This is gonna be a amazing summer with a lot of time by the beach and the pool.
Have had alot of struggle the latest days/week. The doctor I went to to check my toe sent me a bill. A huge bill. A bill that my insuranse should pay. Luckily and hopefully everything is fixed. Have to check it in two weeks again. Then when me and siri boocked Boston. They took money twice so I'm really broke right now. Had to email my bank in sweden and bla bla bla.. Feels like everyone is trying to take money from me:S First I had to get a new phone cuz my charger didnt work, then I went to New York and it got stolen, so had to get a new one again. Then the bill from the doctor, then this with Boston, and of course my hostdad came up to me yesterday too and said that ha had tracked the calls from the phone that got stolen. They have been calling to outside the US = high bill. I'm just waiting for my car to crash or something even worse. Overslept this morning too. And during all of these weeks I have had a broken toe. Good job girl! Did I break a mirror or what?! Over all I'm having a blast anyway. Time to walk "my" lovley dog in the prefect weather and then work for a few hours.


Me and Siri have booked Boston for this weekend. Its gonna be the craziest weekend. Going sathurday morning, right after David Guetta, sleeping over at a crappy hotel, having a whole day there on sunday and then going home early monday morning without a bed to sleep in over the night. Say whatever you want, I know were crazy n I think I like it! ;D

Some pics from past times

Kafein - A really nice café runned by students in Evanston
Dinner in Highlandpark with the best
The beach - Have got the best weather ever already! 

Love my life here!

It was way too long ago now I updated here. But as my dad always says. When I don't update I'm having a great time. And Its true. I'm really enjoying every second. We got great weather, so have been to the beach a few times, been picknicking with friends, working, had cosy great dinners in evanston and highland park. This sathurday we also had our first bqq of the year. We went to a great bbq party with amazing people. Love my friends and life here!
Today I'm working all day I believe. Hopefully I will be off for a few hours soon. B is "sick". I dont know if I can believe that she is that sick but she has a little bit of a cold. We have been watching two movies and I have been trying to get some important things done. Ill give you more of an update soon;)

David Guetta 25th in Chitown!!!!

We better knock on wood

Tvätt, tvätt, damsuga, tvätt, laga mat, tvätt, disken, 28grader varmt och sooool, strandhäng, jobb och lite tvätt igen. Städar rummet och lite annat. Snart sängdags. Puss på er!

The American life is lovely just as the life in Sweden but different

Förlåt människor men nu kommer det nästan bara komma klag på livet här i USA men antar att jag bara måste skriva av mig. Har det GRYYYYYYYYYMT här men fan för det man hatar med det här livet. Ursäkta mina ord ibland men det går mig riktigt på nerverna nu från och till.
1. Känner mig låst här uppe i Wilmette, Cyckel PLEASE och lite närmare till stan och de sköna områderna. Metra eller loop varje dag blir "pengar växer på träd" mycket pengar och hålla tider osv. Funkar inte så.
2. Parkhäng, grillning, bada på stränderna. Asså fuck it. Ursäkta mina ord ännu en gång. Permission för att få hänga ett större gäng och grilla. Allt stänger efter 8 och man får inte röra sig varken på stranden eller parkerna. Hur bra regler hålls har jag ju ingen aning om men HERREGUD. Fritt land. NE inte någon stans!
3. Bo hos en familj. Ja det går bra på jobbet, och jag det är kul. Men känner inte att jag kan röra mig någonstans hur jag vill i huset. känner mig iaktagen och obekväm. "Ja nu är jag hungrig för kvällsmat!" Uppe i köket... "nehep, de höll visst till där med sin mat och allt". Bjuda över vänner går fint men hur kul är det att sitta i barnens lekrum. Och sen curfew, "jo tack jag är 15!?". Mötas av värdföräldrar som egentligen inte bryr sig om en varje dag. Tänka på vad man har på sig så man inte klär sig dumt inför barnen. Jag vill ha frihet att klä mig hur jag vill när jag vill, äta när jag vill, vart jag vill, hur jag vill. Ännu en grej, jag kan inte boka upp mig på roliga saker när jag känner för det, för mitt schema får jag veckovis och söndagen innan varje vecka. Men yes då!
Ne asså jag ska väl inte sitta och vräka ur mig mer. Skrämmer väl er då men finns saker man hatar även om det är den bästa upplevelsen i mitt liv. USA och Chicago är grymt, men Sverige är bättre!! När jag kommer tillbaka till Sverige kommer jag att hata att alla pratar svenska med mig, att alla klär sig likadant, att det inte finns någon stor stad, allt inte Wicker park och alla de områdena finns, att inte amerikanarna kommer finnas som är så öppna och generösa och pratglada ända in i hjärtat, att allt jag älskar här inte kommer att finnas där. Låter dumt men sant!
If I could build my own life over here I would!

You feel what you deserve / Six flags

Jenny slept at my place, and I think we slept until 2pm. That was probably the longest I have slept. Have no windows in my room, witch can be pretty nice sometimes, but I really can't count on waking up without the clock alarm. Made swedish pankakes for breakfast and then work all night.
Sunday morning a textmessage from Anna woke me up at 8. Six Flags! A big jump up out of the bed and in to the shower. They picked me up around 9.30 and had a long fun day infront of us. Think we rode every rollercoaster we saw. Malins head wasnt with any more after those rides. Drove home at 6.30pm and bought some groceries for a picknick at the park near me. Had a great day with the best people!

Goodbye Party and Limo

As I said this friday we went Down Town with a Limo!!!! It was kind of a Good Bye party for my friend Lea (Germany). It was her time to go home after a whole year here in the US. We got picked up in Wilmette and drove Down Town and around for two and a half hour until the driver dropped us off at Wrigley Ville. One of the better nights we have had here in the US, exept the good bye. Were gonna miss you LEA!

School in the US is over and Limo time

Sent my last assignment in yesterday and just got the mail that I'm done and made it. Got the certificate sent to me and it feels awsome! No more school this year! Feels though that I should start thinking of what I want to do for work in the future. Have some thoughts, that I'm gonna keep to myself, but I have to look through the options and see where I can start from. Would be awsome to come back here or to Australia and study for a year, but we'll see whats gonna happen.
As I said we went to Evanston me and Siri yesterday. Jenny didn't come later but me and Siri went to the cafe place "Kafein" (think I spelled it right!), for a really nice night of talking and good fresh food. The place is runned by students and theres probably only students that goes there too. It's very vintage and nice. I like it alot.
Today I'm gonna meet up with some friends at Old Orchard to eat lunch, and tonight it's Limo time. It's gonna be a goodbye party for Lea (German) and go with a Limo Down Town.


Saw "Five year engagement" the other day with Siri, Jenny and Anna. Definitely worth seeing. It's one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while.

Guess what I just saw

Hey people. I'm sitting on the porch in my backyard waiting to pick up B from playdate. And guess what I just saw. The first racoon of the year. Thought it was our neighbour kid that tried to get into our yard to get a ball he always accidently throws over the fence. Havent seen the whole animal before, only the head at night popping out from the bushes. Dangeorus? Yes I've heard so. And they make a total mess out of your trash.
My energy is back and the sun is shining. Could it get any better?! Im off at 6pm. Me and Siri planned to head off to Evanston to a fabricstore to get some stuff for bracelets then hopefully meet up with Jenny at a cafe there after.
Hope everything is dancing in Sweden!!

If I was a bird I would fly, fly far, far away, over the ocean to a place where something called "relax" hits my mind. The place is called "skärgården"

At starbucks trying to clear my mind. Trying to get things out of my way. Thats probably something many people dont know about me. I come to these short periods a few times a year when everything just hits me in a bad  way. It's just to much on my mind. I just black out and dont know where to start over. I believe that a lot, or probably everyone, gets to those points sometimes that they just need some time. Everyone takes it differently. I usually just need my time alone to get back on track again. I'm not very social during these times. I even have a hard time writing this.
I finally got a new american phone after more than a week without one. Im back to life, wihuu. I have a problem though, that I dont even have ONE nuber on the phone. Oh ok one number now during writing this. That was seriously scary. I just got a message from my host mom that Bs hockey is cancelled tonight. I'm probably off at 3.30pm instead of 7. Something positive was exactly what I needed. Thanks host mom! Tonight it's movietime with the girls at the movie theatre.

Trying to make the last assignment done

Not one of my best days

Skulle ha pluggat igår kväll men somnade med kläder på, dator och allt i sängen, tänt överallt. Ja jag sov hela natten. Tur att jag satte klockan. Jobbade och fick iväg barnen till skolan sen slocknade jag i sängen igen till kl 12. Skypade med mamma och brorsan och sjöng födelsadags sång. Till skolan igen och fixa playdate till B. Skönt, fick lite extra egen tid.
Är inte alls deppig eller så för att pappa åkte hem igen men känns som att mycket tjocknade i huvudet för mig efter att de åkt och särskillt idag. Har så mycket viljor som jag vill göra under samma tider, men brist på tid och brist på pengar gör att jag måste ta ett steg tillbaka.
Vill ha svensk mat, mitt eget kök, vill bo eget, vill tjäna normala summor i lön, vill välkomna över vänner när jag vill, vill ha läkt tå så jag kan ha vilka skor jag vill och kunna springa och träna, vill tillbaka till min gamla mer tonade kropp (vill träna för det med min j***** tå sätter stopp), vill ha min cykel, vill att plugget ska bli klart idag, vill ha mobil så jag kan få tag på människor igen. Inte nog med allt det, det är massor av resor jag vill göra. Men självklart så är det pengar som svider på den biten mest plus tid. Niagara fallen, som jag inte vet om jag kan göra för värd familjen inte vet om de behöver mig den helgen som alla andra kan, New York med Sara, Miami för att häsla på Sofie, Australien med Veronica i 8 mån, backpacking i Asien med Jenny (Vilket är det som mest troligt blir av). Känns grymt med backpacking så håller verkligen tummarna.
Tjolahopp tjolahopp, livet kan inte alltid leka.


GRATTIS MIN ÄLSKADE MAMMA!!! ÄLSKAR DIG SÅ FRUKTANSVÄRT MYCKET OCH SAKNAR DIG SÅ JAG SPRICKER! Klarar mig riktigt fint här borta och vet att du klarar dig fint hemma med men känslan av saknad finns i mig hela tiden. Önskar att jag kunde vara hemma och fira dig och krama om dig tusen ggr om, och bara prata, och skratta, och berätta alla knasiga dumheter vi alltid lyckas få till, och laga mat tillsammans, och äta din underbara mat, och klaga och irritera oss på dumma grejer tsm, och få och ge smakråd i affären, och mysa, och känna sig trygg.
Vill vakna upp efter en skön sovmorgon med ruffsigt hår, med nyvakna halvsvullna ögon och möta dig i köket sittandes med tidningen, likaså ditt hår som en berg- och dal bana och nattlinne med leende på läpparna. Lika morgontrötta båda två. Få höra ditt God morgon och kunna prata om vardagen eller något skumt som hänt. Sitta och äta frukost som tar sin tid. Bo med någon som verkligen bryr sig och mitt liv. På kvällen äta något riktigt gott framför tv;n, höra "Jag tror jag blir TOKIG, spola reklamen" eller sitta och skratta åt en trött mamma som inte vill bege sig från soffan till sängen även fast hon sitter sovandes ostadigt med huvudet och nickar huvudet bakåt var 10e sekund. Den bilden får mig att skratta varje gång:)
Har fått träffa både Linus och Pappa nu men återstår ytterligare 4 månader tills jag får krypa in i din famn. Känns jobbigt men vi är starka. Det finns ju inget som säger att vi inte klarar det här men sitter nu här med krokodiltårar i ögonen och tänker på allt vi gör tsm. Saknar dig massor! Du är så vacker topp till tå, utifrån och hela vägen in i hjärtat. Glöm inte bort det! Du är den finaste kvinnan för mig på jorden!  ÄLSKAR DIG MAMMA!!!!

Back in Chicago

It's maybe time to update you readers about what I have been doing my last week. It has been GREAT! Gonna tell you more about New York later. Will get all of the pictures from my dad this weekend. My toe is still swollen, well, it doesnt surprise me cuz I have been walking 24/7 all week. New york every day and then here in Chicago too, in flip flop. Must say that the Flip flops have been great, nothing is touching my toe and havent got any other problem from it. So I keep on walking. My host dad (S) freaked out on me todaythat my toe still is swollen and that i should get something (like the boot) to support it. "Stubborn child".
Maybe I am stubborn. I don't wanna have that big boot just for my tiny pinky toe. If I'm fine with flip flop Im gonna walk with them until I fall! haha I can handle pain and as I said it doesnt even hurt. haha anyway. Enough of the toe. The last day in new york I lost my american phone. It's either on the streets of New York or in the hands of a thief. I freaked out but my hostdad calmed me down when I told him about it. Couldn't been happier that he took it that good. "We'll just get a new one for you, it's a free phone". He said he would get me one yesterday morning. Do I have it? NO. I hope I'll get it tomorrow. I feel so naked! And I heard that people have been trying to reach me.
When I came back from New York my dad and his girlfriend (Berit) came with. They are staying in a hotel Down Town and I'm home working. Got to meet them yesterday night at a bar in Evanston. Today I took them to my favourite place Wicker Park for brunch and some shopping, then I had to go home again for work while they went on to the Ukranian village. I have learned so much myself during just these two days about streets and transportation etc by beeing kind of a tour guide. Telling them what train goes where etc. Parapapapa I'm loving it! Tomorrow they will take the metra up to my suburb so I can show them my life upp here too. First pancakehouse to meet some of my friends and then a cartour around the area, and to meet my host family. Tomorrow night I'm gonna move into the hotell with them. Awsome!
By the way people. 90F is not to bad!:) Have really been enjoying the weather!

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