Don't need the iPhone Siri, I already have my Siri

Having my favorite salad (Thai chopped chicken) at Panera Bread. Didn't have any Internet at home today and didn't really wanna be home right now so panera was just perfect! Have had really good day. Went to Siri to look through the pictures from the weekend in Boston then Starbucks for our crazy obsession with caramel frappuccino and jewel osco (grocery store) brownies. We probably bought our first and last Venti size (largest). Picked up B from school and luckily she had a playdate and C skipped his lacrosse, so finally got some really good time with C that I usually never get. Played soccer. And guess what!! Yeeii I can walk, run and even play soccer in converse again. My toe is making progress.


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