Booooooooston #1

After a crazy night with David Guetta and a loooooong fligt, because of one stop, me and Siri finally made it to Boston. We checked in to the Hostel YMCA and headed off for the center. Walked through the whole city by the "Freedom trail" (a red line through the whole city that leads to 16 significant historic sites). Loved every part of the City. The shopping streets, the Quincy market, the coast, little italy, etc. It was very similar to sweden. So it was a perfect mix of Sweden and America. Ate my first oysters, raw oysters, by a fish market by the coast. Thought it was gonna taste bad, rellay bad but it was kind of ok. The Quincy market was something I have never seen before. A loong hall of food on both sides. Doesnt sound that special but it really was something. Hard to explain. At night the drum music started to attract alot of people. Us too. A guy was playing drum music with buckets and kitchen wares as pans etc (a very common thing you will see in the most places in america) while the rest of the group was preparing a performance for the public. They draged me and three other people in to the center where we had to press up close against eachother in a line. One of the guys was gonna run and jump over us. Luckily he tricked us the firsttime and stepped to the side right infront of us and passed us. The second time we had to bend down with strait legs and touch our feet with our hands. No joking this time, he jumped over us all. Haha and I got a towel over my but cuz I had a dress. Went home around 12ish with some picnic to our room. Then bed. our bodies became one with the beds that night. Barely any sleep friday to sathurday night and a full schedule all day, it was totally worth to go to bed that early.
Sunday morning we checked out the hostel and left the bag in their luggage room. We started the day with the baseball field. Everyone says that you really HAVE to see a red sox game when youre in Boston. The game was just about to start when we were there but we didnt go. We just wanted to see it and went off to see Harvard. By the afternoon/evening everything on the camera dissapered. Everything somehow just got erased. over 300 pictures and maybe 10 really fun videos. Spent alot of time trying to get a computer to download this program that can kind of scan throuh the chip to get the pictures back. But with no luck we went on for dinner and then back to the hotel. Meet two fun germans to hang out with until it was time to grab a cab to get to the airport again. And of course the bad luck continued. They didnt have us, our names or anything, on the fligt. took us probably one hour until the finally found us on the computer. Left Boston 6am. Only about one hour sleep tht night too. The trip was one of my best trips. I wanna go back! Even the Hostel was ok. Read reviews before that the rooms where perfect........ to become suicide in. But we think it was ok, it was a hostel, so didnt expect much. The restrooms was a little bit worse though. But nothing me and Siri cant handle:)


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