BBQ and good bye

This havent been a fun day at all. Was cleaning out the last tings left in my room this morning, went to Anna for a few hours to play in her pool, then Winnetka beach for a au pair meeting, went home to say hi to my host family that's back from their vaccation again, then back to Anna again for a BBQ good bye party. Have been A LOOOOT of tears today. Anna and me started this year together and now thats over. Will probably never go over to her place here again to see her host family. Luckily I will see Anna back in Sweden again.
At the same time now that Anna is leaving I'm also going to say bye to My host family. Will have dinner with them tomorrow and then it's bye bye. Can't believe that i'm not going to see my B and C again and "my" dog. My host dad saw today that Coco (the dog) was running and looking after me all time as fast as I walked into the room. I know she likes me back. "Just give her to me" Wanna bring her with me to sweden! B ran up to me and hugged me and said with a sad face that I'm leaving tomorrow. "Where are you gonna go first on your trip?" She asked. "I'm just going to be here in Chicago", me. "Where?",B. "With some friends",me. "Why arent you staying with us then?",B. My host parents stood just by us and heard everything. Couldn't say anything then because it's the parents decision and because I don't know what they have sid so far. "B I'll see you tomorrow, ok!", I said and walked out. I'm going to take them somewhere for Icecream tomorrow if we have time and talk just us three, me, B and C. I'm going to miss them so much!


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