Taggade flickor dååååå!!!!!! Festival, 3-5 augusti, Avicci, Red Hot Chili Peppers, DEV, och hundra till, Grant Park Chicago City. Behöver jag säga mer...

You're soon here with me..

Everything is now booked!! Sara will come over to me august 6 until august 12. Awesome!!!! Miss you like crazy! Staying at a hostel in Wicker Park, can't get any better than that!


My mom and brother told me they just got a surprise from me. Mom got a four wrap bracelet and my brother two separated single bracelets. I'm glad the sizes and everything worked out:) The pink one with the peace button on was one of the presents for B (my host kid).

Swing kids

Just watched Swing kids. Have seen it one time before but YEARS ago. A really good movie about the time of natzism. Was crying like a baby when I saw it. 

Happy Birthday

It's my hostkids birthday today!!! :) 9 years. Big girl. She had her bday party this friday with a few friends coming over for a sleepover. I celebrated her today with some presents and cake. I'm really glad she liked everything! Cant stop thinking of what shes going to look like and be like in the teenage. I'm hopefully going to come back then to see them. hah interesting!


The swedish national swimming competition starts tomorrow in my town in Sweden. As some of you might not know, I have been a swimmer. Quit maybe 2 and a half year ago. Miss it sooooo much, these competitions the most, but I know I won't start again. Have too much other plans. But anyway, have a lot of friends that's going to compete. Would be so much fun to be there and support and hang out with everyone. 
Good luck NKK!!! I'm keeping an eye on you guys!


Finally got som time on skype with my brother today. Was kind of interesting. Haha. And he was pretty happy cuz he got some presents from me. I'm now working, but B have a friend over so I got some time to do some other stuff. Have to go to Target or Michaels tonight to find a present for B. Her birthday is tomorrow. Have a bracelet prepared to her already.

Sunday night


Street fest

After a long midsummer night I ended up on Shanes couch. No more cabs home for more than 50 dollar. Don't have that kind of money any more. Probably got 3 hours sleep that night. Went on down town with Shane in the afternoon to meet up with Anna, Siri and Malin (an au pair from washinton) and to finaly grab some food and later move on to a street party in Wicker Park. Live music, a bunch of people on the streets, in buildings and up on the roofs. Great night!!
Im now watching the first Harry Potter movie with Siri. haha Love those movies, they are so small! Soon dinner at Veronicas place!

Midsummer in Chicago

Of course we had to celebrate midsummer in Chicago too!! Midsummer! One of the most fun days of the year! Was off from work at 5pm and ran to the metra to go down town. Went to Jennys hotelroom for a pree party, and a nice start with the girls. Went later on to our friend Shanes place for a continued great night with awsome people and showed the americans how we celebrate it;)

Today I don't feel like doing anything..

Going through my recume and just having a nice calm day. It's raining. Perfect. How I met your mother on Netflix and some brunch. 

Chicago animals

Here's some of the animals we often see here in Chicago. Except the Coyote. Haven't seen it but i know we have it. Raccoon (tvättbjörn), Chipmunk (jordekorre), black squirrel, firefly, secada. The secadas are now showing up more and more, they make this screaming grasshopper sound. One of them sounds like thousands. So I'm preparing myself for a loud summer. The raccons usually goes through the garbage. 

Summer nights

The plan was to bring my dog Coco too but it appeared that my host kid just had walked her and it was to warm to bring her out again. My hostparents words. But got some great pictures of Siri and Luke! 

Cause I wanna feel the heat

Waiting for B at her camp by the beach
I was dying today. I usually dont complain about warm weather but I was truly dying today. I have to say it's probably my cars fault. No aircondition. Yeeeiii. Never had (during my time here) and never will have. Have been driving around like crazy in a car with a heat thats probably 40-50 C. A perfect day by the beach I would say, but sadly all of my friends have their familys over eccept Siri thats sick instead and I had a lot of other stuff to get out of my way.
Talked a while ago about the trouble with my insurence and The "Bone and Joint" hospital. All of that is cleared up now. Pjuuh. Had to pay 35 dollar instead of 349. 
Now after a great workout I'm gonna jump into the shower and probably get ready for a photoshoot with Siri and our dogs. See ya!

My latest creations

Hair and Beauty

Cut my hair today, FINALLY! My hair really needed it. But holy cr*p it was expensive. Didn't think any hairdresser would take more than 50dollar for a trim so I didnt ask before. 70 bucks for a freaking trim!!! I learned my lesson. Always look at the prices first! Have been skyping with my hard working dad just now. Am kind of concerned about how many hours a day he's at work. About working. I have to find a job for when I get back to Sweden. Gonna start looking around today! Stockholm, Norrköping, Norway, we'll see.

If money grew in my pocket

Jacket, Topshop £65 // Shorts, Top shop £40 // Bralet, Topshop £25 // Converse ebay HERE

Were all born superstars

At Annas house during my break with Anna and her brother. Can't complain;) 


Had a great night yesterday. Didnt do much during the day but went to Epic Burger at Old Orchard shopping mall after work with Zara, Anna and her brother. Amazing burgers!!! 


Went to the beach with Siri yesterday afternoon when done with work. Brought the camera for a photoshoot. The sun were perfect so got really nice pics. Went to evanston for some dinner and them home to my place to watch some tv. Both of us fell asleep right the way. woke up at 4am changed some words, fell asleep, woke up at around 6am, went into my room, fell asleep and then up at 9am to go down town. Great night, haha. Had some lunch today with Cillas family at Cillas favourite café down town. They have the best baguets! But as usual i dont remember the name of the café. hah. "Dory, in finding nemo". Now work until midnight.

The pain is the same, but were soldiers

Two pics from the blues festival last weekend.
have been trying to work out now for a few days with periostitis (benhinneinflammation). Doesnt work out as great as I hoped. Will I ever be able to run again and feel that I'm proud of my performance!? Have barely done anything since I broke my toe. Ran carefully for about 20 minutes in total this monday and "baam" it's back. I really wanna get into shape again. I ran this tuesday too even more carefully, but why risk getting it worse. I'm trying with some other workouts but cant give my all. I wont give up though..


Min kusin Victor tar studenten idag! Fasen vad grym han är!! Det är den bästa dagen ever! Glädje glädje glädje. Massor av firande och freedom! Mår ganska sådär väldigt dåligt över att jag inte är där och hurrar! Men fy fan vad du är bra Victor. Stort grattis från Chicago;) Om jag hade mobil som funkade hade jag ringt dig nu och sjungit högt! Tänker på dig massor. Fira inte det minsta lugnt ikväll;)

If I had wings.....

A few things I bought during the week. Victoria secret bra and glowing powder, crochet shorts from zara and mineral foundation from sephora. Just can't keep myself from buying clothes and stuff." class="image">

Cause I got the keys to the future

Got keys today to my next home for a few weeks after July 16. Felt great to get them. Have a feeling of home when there.

Last girls night with Cilla

In my bed watching pirates of the caribbean. Have had a great night at zaras with hamburger, desserts and a lot of laughing. Made "orange rice" as we say, (ris a la Malta) for dessert. Love my girls here. As I said earlier, it's the last time for several of us to see Cilla before she's going home. That means it's the last complete girls night. Were now dropping off one by one. First Cilla, then Anna and then it's my turn. Freaking out just a little:)

Lots of goodbyes

Went to panera bread yesterday to say bye to my german friend that I think just left the country now today. Feels so strange that one by one is leaving now. New Au pairs are coming. I just want to stop it. Can really feel that I'm leaving soon. Oh well, me and Siri took off to old orchard yesterday night for the Victoria secret sale. Yummi. N of course we couldn't stay away from my second obsession : the frozen yoghurt!

Right now I'm making dessert for tonight. Going to meet up with the girls at zaras house to make dinner and just hang out. It's probably the last day for several of us to see Cilla. Shes not leaving yet but it's very soon. I'm gladly gonna see her again after tonight!

Something we swedes doesn't see every day

These are two things that every wealthy american have in their kitchen. This kind of stove and a disposer that "eats" the food.

New York and Chicago with dad and Berit

Havent got any pictures from dad yet from their trip over here, so ill show you the ones I got. 
Back to Chicago

Svennekaner in Chicago - Siris awsome work

The weather is crazy hot, already this tanned, n summer just started

Blues festival weekend

Had a great weekend with the girls. Blues festival in town, the greates weather and no work sat-sun. My hostkids got their summer break this friday and were super happy. Took B to the beach so she could play with a few of her friends and luckily I found a few of mine too. 
After work all of us went to Jennys house to hang out for a bit before going to the bars. The feeling of going out at night without a jacket or whatever....
Slept over at Zaras house and relaxed in the sun sathurday in her backyard. Headed off for the blues festival later in the afternoon. Grabed some food from Panera Bread and just enjoyed the blues music the rest of the night.
Slept at Zaras house again and left early in the morning for the beach close to Down Town in Lincoln Park. The beach were full of people and we had the best wiew of the slyline. Me and Cilla headed off later for the Magnificent mile (shopping street down town) and Grant Park for the blue festival. When Obama became the president he had his thanks speech at Grant Park in Chicago. Isnt that pretty cool. Chicago is so much more and so much bigger than you think. One of the best weekends so far!

One of those boring thursdays

Not much happening today. Gonna walk to school with the dog just soon. I bet B will give me the face of hatred. She never want to walk. Tough life. We live really close to school. I always walked or biked in her age. Working until 6pm then I dont really know whats gonna happen. Maybe clean the whole basement. It's probably worth it cuz tomorrow it friday and I'm moving in to Jenny for the weekend! Loove to get away from my house!

Back on track

We now deserve a great day out in the sun, me and Coco! Managed to run today. Worked out for 30 min at home first, then out running/walking with Coco for 40 min. Feels great to be back on track again. I feel so much better physically and mentally when I'm working out. Havent been running since I broke my toe. Gonna do some important stuff first at home then I'll head off to Zara to get some company out in the sun. We now deserve a great day out in the sun, me and Coco! Managed to run today. Worked out for 30 min at home first, then out running/walking with Coco for 40 min. Feels great to be back on track again. I feel so much better physically and mentally when I'm working out. Havent been running since I broke my toe. Gonna do some important stuff first at home then I'll head off to Zara to get some company out in the sun.
We now deserve a great day out in the sun, me and Coco! Managed to run today. Worked out for 30 min at home first, then out running/walking with Coco for 40 min. Feels great to be back on track again. I feel so much better physically and mentally when I'm working out. Havent been running since I broke my toe. Gonna do some important stuff first at home then I'll head off to Zara to get some company out in the sun.

I'm just gonna say good morning

Haha omg, this is me every morning. Tired girl, almost look afraid. Enjoy! Straight out of bed to work. This is probably the Au Pair fashion. Gonna keep on going now. Workout, go to the post office and then off to Zaras house for some time in the sun with the girls before work again.

Kicked out, yes, you heard me, unbelievable!

So here's what's been going on the latest one and a half to two weeks. I found out that my family will kick me out of the house three weeks before my actual last working day. It is possible "by the law" to stop working one month before the actual day and still complete my Au Pair year, but this was nothing I was prepared for. I have booked the festival Lollapalooza in the beginning of august and Sara is coming over too. The explanations my family had was that they just dont need an Au Pair for theese three weeks cuz they will be traveling and have A LOT of family and friends coming over to visit and that my hostdad will take care of the kids cuz he doesnt have a job for now. Well, yeah, just kick me out on the street, thanks! I'm so angry with them cuz they knew I booked Lollapalooza long before I got this in my face and they didn't discuss it with me before the decisions were made.
Got three options from them. Go home already july 16, do my travel plans or go into reematch. None of these is a option for me. 1: Go home in july when I'm already freaking out about going home in august. Big no no! And as I said I already have plans for august. 2: Travel for three weeks, before Lollapalooza and Sara. No money for it and noone to travel with so, NO. 3: Reematch. Seriously.... start over for three weeks with a new family, at a new place, maybe new state, new rules, get to know new friends etc. Huge NO.
So my first thought was couchsurfing. Kind of backpacking around to several houses during these weeks. I have to say that I have AMAZING people around me here. AMAZING!! My au pair friends familys have said that I can sleep at there places and I have american friends Im invited to too. Everything is gonna work out just great. As it looks like right now I'm gonna stay with an amazing family I have known through the whole year. They are gonna have a messy house cuz they are renovating a big part. But they still want me in. They really want to help me. The daughter thats 14 that I've only met a few times said she wants to share room with me. So thats how it's now gonna be. This is gonna be fun! I just hope they dont freak out on having me there because theres so much going on in the house. So I'm gonna be there for maybe about three weeks, then probably move on to some american friends that lives closer to Chicago city. I'm not sure how thats gonna be like yet but I'll figure that out later. Even though I hate what my hostparents did to me I hope and think (knock on wood) its gonna be a good and funnier "end" of this year.
Something I'm gonna need help with from all of you guys in Sweden is that when I come home you have to have things for me to do every second or I'm gonna freak out. To go from this adventure to back to Sweden is gonna be hard. Can already feel it. The best part is going to be to meet you all again, miss my friends and family so much, but the life is gonna slow down there too. Everyone is gonna have their jobs and school etc, me too. Can't see any excitement in that right now, if I'm not getting a job I'm passionated about. Sometimes it might sound like I have nothing to go back to in Sweden. I just wanna say that I HAVE EVERYTHING TO GO BACK TO. I have my life in Sweden, my friends and family, so to be away for a year was not that hard cuz I knew I will return. What makes me feel half empty is that I have a life here to now, so much friends, that I'll never return the same way to. I can come visit but I will probably never come back and live here again. I can always have hope, but... yeah. If I could, I wish that I had all of you (my friends and family) here and continue a life in Chicago.

Down Town Rocks

Everything got changed again. No Wicker Park. Went down town instead. Got some brunch at Cecilias favourite place and walked around in stores trying to find a hat I'm looking for. No luck at that. But had a great soft day with Cecilia. Went to Anna around 8pm and made taco and watched movies from our girlfriends skydiving. Felt amazing just watching the movies. I really wanted to go too but got some trouble last week that made me decide to skip it. Said last week that I was gonna tell you whats going on. I'll tell tomorrow.

Wicker park

Heading off to Wicker Park with Cilla for brunch. I have been called a hipster because I love wicker park and because of how I'm dressed. Don't know what to say just love that place!

Congratulations Julia

No party or girlsnight at Annas. Got late, no more trains etc. Movie and some chips. Perfect. Have to say CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin too to "Konfirmationen" Great job Julia! I'm proud!
image description

A sathurday with a indescribable love for Chitown

My love to the city is unbelievable. I'm really enjoying every second. Walked around down town all on my own until 2.30pm and got some errands done. Sunny weather and amazing city, then it doesn't matter if you're alone. Went home and became one with my bed for a few hours. I'm now at Starbucks again in Glencoe having my caramel frappuccino obsession. Was supposed to go even further north to Cilla but off course I jumped off to early. Just my daily bad luck. And there's no more trains until late tonight. Haha omg. But no anger. If I didn't jump off here I wouldn't have seen the most good looking guy I've seen since I came to the US, 10 point guy, haha and I'm to shy to walk up to him. "If I was an non afraid american....". I also saw the actor Matthew Modine. Don't know yet how the night will end. Girlsnight at Annas or Down Town "street party" if I understood right.
image descriptionimage description
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Good morning beautiful world

Sitting at Starbucks right now trying to wake up. Got really late last night. About 2 hours sleep. I can just blame myself, but had the greatest night. Went with Cilla, Sara and Luisa to Lincoln park for a night out. Ended up going to some of my American friends and stayed there all night. Woke up at 8.30-9.00am and went directly down town. Have a lot of things to fix with before I'll go home. The bed is all I can think of right now:)

Memorial day 5/28

Memorial Day is an American federal holiday observed annually on the last Monday of May. It is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.
Had a tough but really great monday and memorial day. Me and Siri came home at around 8am that morning and came right the way Down Town. Tryed to find a place to leave our bag during the day but ended up going home to shower and the off down town again. Picknick in a park with some friends, Siri, Jenny, Anna + (her visiting friend) and David. Walked down to the beach in the perfect summer heat. Closer to nighttime me and Jenny headed off to some american friends. Perfect day perfect start of the week.

Booooooooston #2

Sorry people! No pictures from Harvard. Dont know whats up with my blog but cant put up the pictures. They are maybe to big. So this is what you get guys. Check in Siris blog to see more. pusspuss

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