Blues festival weekend

Had a great weekend with the girls. Blues festival in town, the greates weather and no work sat-sun. My hostkids got their summer break this friday and were super happy. Took B to the beach so she could play with a few of her friends and luckily I found a few of mine too. 
After work all of us went to Jennys house to hang out for a bit before going to the bars. The feeling of going out at night without a jacket or whatever....
Slept over at Zaras house and relaxed in the sun sathurday in her backyard. Headed off for the blues festival later in the afternoon. Grabed some food from Panera Bread and just enjoyed the blues music the rest of the night.
Slept at Zaras house again and left early in the morning for the beach close to Down Town in Lincoln Park. The beach were full of people and we had the best wiew of the slyline. Me and Cilla headed off later for the Magnificent mile (shopping street down town) and Grant Park for the blue festival. When Obama became the president he had his thanks speech at Grant Park in Chicago. Isnt that pretty cool. Chicago is so much more and so much bigger than you think. One of the best weekends so far!


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