A sathurday with a indescribable love for Chitown

My love to the city is unbelievable. I'm really enjoying every second. Walked around down town all on my own until 2.30pm and got some errands done. Sunny weather and amazing city, then it doesn't matter if you're alone. Went home and became one with my bed for a few hours. I'm now at Starbucks again in Glencoe having my caramel frappuccino obsession. Was supposed to go even further north to Cilla but off course I jumped off to early. Just my daily bad luck. And there's no more trains until late tonight. Haha omg. But no anger. If I didn't jump off here I wouldn't have seen the most good looking guy I've seen since I came to the US, 10 point guy, haha and I'm to shy to walk up to him. "If I was an non afraid american....". I also saw the actor Matthew Modine. Don't know yet how the night will end. Girlsnight at Annas or Down Town "street party" if I understood right.
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