Backpacking in the Windy city

Can't wear a hat, a jacket or long jeans by any chance here in Chicago now. The summer is (and have been for quite a while) deffinetly here. We live in a outdoor sauna. I don't wanna be anywhere else but on the beach but I have my duties to do too. I'm not only talking about the daytime. 35degrees at nighttime. Were sweating like were working out. Haha noone wants to give eachother hugs any more. But I'm enjoying every second!
My best time just started this thursday morning. My hostfamily traveled away so I'm home alone, then july 16 I'm moving in to a family I known all year thats also away until july 22. Around that time, july 22, my friend Siri will be home alone, so I'm probably moving in with her for a week, then back to the other family again to share room with the 14 year old girl until beginning of august. Going to the Lollapalooza festival Down Town august 3-5 then hostel for a week with my friend Sara thats coming over from sweden. Only have one more week left here when Sra leaves for New York. So I'm then gonna borrow a couch or something like that at a friends place close to Down Town for week. Pjuh, a lot of moving, but HELL YEAH I'm gonna enjoy it. 


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