Cool - constipated, overrated, out of style, loser

Bridgets explanation for Cool. haha. constipated, overrated, out of style, loser
Saw WAAAYYY too many Love movies yesterday by my self. Haha depressing. Have been watching the dog since thursday and are going to have her until sunday july16. The anoying thing about it is that I cant really go down town as I want to. Then I have to go back an force every 5 or 4 hours. So had my first sathurday, since a year back, when I'm just home watching movies. Crazy huh!? First one since I moved to america. Hate this feeling that I'm stuck when theres a lot of things going on. But have to say it was kind of nice. 
The connection between my phone to the computer doesnt really work any more so all of my pictures is stuck in the phone and doesnt work on my phone. What's going on:S So here's some other pictures haha. 
Went down town this friday evening to see Veronicas family at Cheescake factory. Said bye to my friend Hila from Israel for the last time too. Shes in to her last month, the traveling month and wil go strait home after it. I hope I will see her again. 
Sathurday was spent by Anna Bananas pool at her house during daytime. Now I'm ready to work out, walk with coco(the dog), go to the groserystore, and some other stuff, like water the plants in the backyard, then the beach!! wohoo!!. Lets get everything done fast!!


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