Cause I wanna feel the heat

Waiting for B at her camp by the beach
I was dying today. I usually dont complain about warm weather but I was truly dying today. I have to say it's probably my cars fault. No aircondition. Yeeeiii. Never had (during my time here) and never will have. Have been driving around like crazy in a car with a heat thats probably 40-50 C. A perfect day by the beach I would say, but sadly all of my friends have their familys over eccept Siri thats sick instead and I had a lot of other stuff to get out of my way.
Talked a while ago about the trouble with my insurence and The "Bone and Joint" hospital. All of that is cleared up now. Pjuuh. Had to pay 35 dollar instead of 349. 
Now after a great workout I'm gonna jump into the shower and probably get ready for a photoshoot with Siri and our dogs. See ya!


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